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Stickiville Mini Mantras Stickers

Stickiville Mini Mantras Stickers

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Life is all about how you look at it, and these positive mantra stickers can help keep you in a happy state of mind. In collaboration with toy and product designer, Suzy Ultman, this inspirational sticker sheet features epoxy so these stickers not only help you feel good, they also look great!

From the amazingly creative mind of Suzy Ultman, comes this uplifting sticker sheet that’s all about creating your own good vibes! Whimsically designed with vivid pops of color, this sticker sheet features charismatic and charming stickers with messages like, “spread love,” “be kind,” and “keep going.” Each sticker also features a gorgeous epoxy for added shimmer. These inspirational stickers are a must have to keep those good feelings going!

  • Single sticker sheet of mantra stickers
  • Designed in collaboration with illustrator Suzy Ultman
  • Mini mantra stickers feature characters with positive messages like “be kind,” and “love”
  • 7.5” x 4”
  • Epoxy stickers are coated with a epoxy resin to give your stickers that multi dimensional effect (also known as 3D or dome stickers)
  • Suitable for ages 3+
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