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Alphabet Soup Spelling Game

Alphabet Soup Spelling Game

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Roll the dice and challenge yourself to spell a word! Players get three tries to roll three dice in hopes of spelling out a three-letter word. Players collect a word card for each word formed, giving children a sense of accomplishment as they watch their pile growing! Alphabet Soup is perfect for engaging young minds in preschool learning activities and kindergarten learning games. Develop essential skills such as reading, learning sight words and mastering spelling while having a blast. Spice up your preschool learning activities and add some flavor to kindergarten learning games with this reading game that’s both entertaining and enriching!

• Preschool learning activity where early readers roll dice to spell sight words and collect cards
• Develops reading skills and sight word recognition
• Includes 3 letter dice, 1 dice "soup" can, 4 "soup spelling mats" and 43 word cards

Age Recommendation: Ages 3 and up

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